Powder for producing pearl milk tea

What powder can be used to produce pearl milk tea?

Pearl milk tea powder is a necessary ingredient to make soft, elastic and moderately chewable bubble milk tea balls. Usually, this powder is made from tapioca starch, cassava starch, or sweet potato starch. The process of making this powder usually involves grinding the ingredients, then mixing them with water and additives such as salt or sugar to create the desired consistency and chewiness. Then, the powder is put into a press to create small fibers, and then cut into small balls to become pearl milk tea.

Is tapioca flour good for producing pearl milk tea?

Tapioca flour is often used to make powder for producing pearl milk tea in a number of applications. However, there are some factors to consider to evaluate the goodness of tapioca flour in the production of pearl milk tea:

Flexibility and chewiness: Tapioca flour has the ability to create pearl milk tea that is soft, elastic and has a moderate chew, depending on the handling and mixing of the production process.

Flavor: Tapioca powder can affect the flavor of pearl milk tea, especially when not handled and prepared properly.

Durability: The ability of pearl milk tea to retain its shape and durability also depends on the quality of tapioca flour and the production process.

Safety: Tapioca flour needs to be selected from a reliable source and comply with food safety regulations to ensure it does not harm consumers’ health.

Overall, tapioca flour can be a good choice for producing pearl milk tea, but it is important to pay attention to the production process and quality of ingredients to ensure the final product meets the standards. standards for plasticity, flavor and food safety.

How is Vinastarch pearl milk tea powder produced and is it good?

Basically, powder for producing pearl milk tea can use raw cassava flour, but to meet the high demands of customers, Vinastarch has researched and created the best powder for producing pearl milk tea to meet the requirements. customer demand.

Vinastarch’s pearl milk tea powder standards include the following factors:

– Softness and elasticity: pearl milk tea should have moderate softness and good elasticity when chewing, not too hard or too mushy.
– Flavor: pearl milk tea should have a natural and pleasant flavor, without any strange or bitter odor.
– Color: The color of pearl milk tea should be uniform and suitable for the type of drink it is used in.
– Gloss and transparency: pearl milk tea needs to have good gloss and transparency, creating an attractive highlight in the drink.
– Ability to keep shape: pearl milk tea should not deform or melt too quickly when added to hot drinks.
– Food safety: pearl milk tea needs to comply with food safety regulations and does not contain additives harmful to health.
– Water permeability and flavor absorption: pearl milk tea should have good water permeability and absorb the flavor of the beverage in which it is used.
– Uniform size and shape: pearl milk tea needs to be uniform in size and shape, not deformed or uneven in size.

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