Modified Starch in the Paper Industry

Applications of modified starch in the paper manufacturing industry

In paper production technology, modified starch is considered an important chemical, accounting for 80 ~ 90% of the volume of essential chemicals to create paper, used in many types of paper such as cardboard and printing paper. , newspaper… But why do people use it so much? What are the benefits of modified starch in the papermaking process? Let’s find out through the article below!

Packaging paper
Modified starch is used as a coagulant and holding aid, as an adhesive, as a surface sizer, and as an adhesive for paper layers, creating a sturdy, highly elastic, resistant paper sheet. good strength as well as disintegration resistance of paper,…

Printing paper
Modified starch is used as a coating to make printing paper more water-resistant and it is also used as a filler to increase the strength of paper, reduce the size of the fibers in the paper, making the paper harder, more flexible and anti-yellowing with better printing properties.

Modified starch makes paper less brittle and more flexible so that it can be folded and unfolded without breaking, allowing the paper to be recyclable, reducing production costs and making it more durable.

Introducing modified starch into the paper production process helps provide greater durability and softness than conventional tissue paper, it also has less lint and is more absorbent, creating a more environmentally friendly product. Environmentally friendly and easily decomposable.

Specialized paper
Modified starch is used to make paper more durable and tear-resistant by adding a protective layer, making the paper waterproof, or to add strength to the paper.

Food wrapping paper
Modified starch combined with cellulose fibers makes paper stronger by creating a film on its surface to prevent the penetration of water and oil-based liquids, it helps decompose oils on the surface food and can absorb oil from food to help keep food from getting wet or greasy.

Transvina’s modified starch products used in paper production
Transvina International Company Limited specializes in providing Cationic Starch modified starch products. This type of powder is widely used in the paper production process to increase the strength and durability of paper. At Transvina, Cationic Starch starch is selected from high quality domestic cassava raw materials, we use modern closed production line technology to meet strict market standards.

Modified tapioca starch, Tapioca starch

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